The “Precious”


I can hear the  soft hum my machine makes while polishing some of my stones. My daughter and I recently went through my stash, as  I was was heading in the direction of a  hoarder. There she sat going through “rock” after “rock” insisting that I de-stash at least some of my little “precious”. I sort of fiddle around with a little bit of silversmithing for myself from time to time. I love stones, crystals, fossils. It amazes me how unique and beautiful each one is.

the precious 029

nicer stones in various stages before mount

This desire to work with this material started kind of innocently as I sat and watched one of the female characters of an early Star Trek series adorn her neck with raw dilithium crystals. Those same crystals provided an emergency power source for the Star Ship Enterprise.

 simpler stones converted to ponytail holders

simpler stones converted to ponytail holders and tool charms

Back in those days I loved all of the Star Trek series. I loved the costumes, the aliens the diferent worlds, but most of all I loved the beautiful intelligent, sexy, feminine female characters. Who can forget communications officer Lt Uhura aptly named for uhuru is swahilli meaning freedom.

Lt Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols-

Lt Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols

 or Fenna, Nidell’s ethereal manifestation that stole the heart of the debonair Captain Sisko. 

DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 “Second Sight.” Captain Sisko played by Avery Brooks and Fenna played by Salli Elise Richardson.

I loved Fenna’s hair. It reminded me of an updated Lady Godiva.

 Fenna from DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 "Second Sight." played by Salli Elise Richardson.

Fenna from DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 “Second Sight.” played by Salli Elise Richardson.

fenna back 4

As much as some would like to poo poo the importance of hair in our culture and globally, it still is and will always be our crown and an expression of our beauty.
Fenna 008
Adorn pomade added to seal in moisture. Easy 10 minute up do highlighting our hair ties available in the store with  hair pins to follow.
Fenna 012
Create this style by dividing the hair into three horizontal sections. The top section is a loosely pinned boufount top knot. The mid section is a Samurai bun and the lowest section hangs loose. Try it straight, wavy, or curly in loc-ked or loose hair.


In my earliest memory, I was standing on my tip toes, trying my best to watch my mom cooking on our 70’s green counter-top. I remember being excited, hoping to sneak a taste of the cake she was making.


Growing up, food was one of the ways she loved on us, so it follows that it’s one of the ways I love on my family. One thing she did always biscuits almost every Saturday morning. Not from a can, or even a mix, but made from scratch. So I had to figure out how to do it myself. There’s always a learning curve, and my family will attest that not every casserole, cookie, or crock pot recipe I find on Pinterest is a hit. But I can do biscuits with the best of them.


Tip: if you are looking for a good recipe, I like this one but I add 1/2 cup of shortening or butter.