Happy Easter!

I started sewing about two years ago. I was pregnant with my third son, and having a hard time getting around. I was mostly limited to sitting. Not washing baby clothes, not preparing the nursery, just sitting. I figured, at least if I was sewing something for me or my new baby I could feel like I was getting ready. So what started out of boredom became a full blown passion. Dresses, jeans, a blanket, bean bag chairs, and my new favorite winter coat, almost everything I wear, I’ve made.

In my heart though, a new boredom crept in. I can only make myself so many things. I tried making some things for my (3) boys, but it’s hard to convince a 4 year old that basket ball shorts and an over-sized superman t-shirt aren’t considered “haute-couture”. I am a little jealous of the moms out there with their daughters all decked out in floral leggings and ruffles. If I were blessed with a 4th child, odds are good it would be another chubby cheeked boy.
Beyond khaki’s and a button down, the small selection in stores leaves much to be desired.
Even though I don’t have a baby girl, I know several people who do. So I sat down at my sewing machine to have fun and make something special for my cousin for Easter. I had some beautiful wax print fabric and in about 2 days, I had a matching set for three adorable sisters. I think they are the cutest ever.

Happy 4th!

This has been a very busy week to say the least. Being of a certain age, that is having grand-babies, I came across my old highschool grad pic. It’s literally been more than ten years since I’ve taken that trip down memory lane. If anyone tells you that you look the same as you did in highschool, please know  they’ve just lied to you . LOL. I mean you can look good at any age but to say you haven’t changed or aged since highschool means you were one old looking kid. Those days are behind me and the grand babies love to pat those giggly parts that I knew nothing about as a teenager. So here’s the point, live each day as if there is no tomorrow, and don’t fret about not being good enough. If you don’t like you, how can you expect anyone else to like you.

Seems like some groups of women  have been “struggling” a long time. Have you noticed the more powerful a woman  is, the less feminine or pretty they are perceived by some? Why can’t we be both?! While the ladies that are reading this are involved in the festivities of caring for your families and loved ones, make sure you take some pretty time out for yourselves this holiday. I’m including a pic from Dolce and Gabanna fall fashion show 2015 fall backstage.  There are wonderful broaches and pins the designer used to adorn simple feminine hairstyles. You will also see in my pics old broaches and pins that I’ve purchased from thrift stores, estate sales and cheapos from Micheal’s.dolce and gabannahair pins 011-2hair pins 021I’ve added a little brass wire to some, but use your imagination and have some fun adding interest to a simple hairstyle. Get pretty and enjoy the day!

On My Soap Box

There is nothing like driving a stick or manual for some of you. I get an absolute rush listening to that engine rev up as your body becomes one; manipulating that metal beast with four wheels. Then the deep guttural noises and at that perfect moment your ear tunes and your foot releases the clutch.

Nappylocs driving

So what does driving a stick have to do with hair? Well dagnabbit I will tell you. Here is my rant. This particular day I was driving my son’s hoopty, which is  so much fun to drive. Well this day, the sun is shinning, I’m wearing my favorite pair of old ray bans when I came to a stop.

Enjoying a summer drive

I noticed a young girl late teens with a crochet weave in her hair.  I love natural hair and I don’t judge weaves or wigs, they do have their place. But I felt a little upset because this tweeny bopper had a 1 inch wide part in her head.  Dang! It shouldn’t look like it hurts and young people especially should not have one inch wide parts. There are numerous people on YouTube demonstrating all types of techniques (braids/locs/weaves), from novices to professionals. BUYER BE WARE. I am seriously seeing techniques that could lead to long term damage to those hair follicles.

If you purchase the Making Dreadlocks kit and decide to let someone else do your hair, you have the knowledge to at least understand what to expect. We also communicate with you after you’ve purchased the kit.  I can’t  tell you the number of times on YouTube where it is obvious the natural hair specialist never consulted with their client before the session. It’s as though the same practices that were criticized about relaxed hair services were simply transferred to the natural hair client.  Only natural products should be used on natural hair. Why? Natural products are both effective and gentle. When used properly there is no build up. 

Natural hair is supposed to give you freedom.  Get a consultation, get some test locs,

test nappylocs

look at their shop or space, are their tools sterile, is their work  station sanitize, do they wash their hands between clients, and look at the ingredients label of items used on your hair. Do you really want to listen to gossip, poor tv choices, bootleg videos, drugs, and alternative religion while you are getting your hair done?

As the consumer it is your responsibility to ask and know what are they putting in and doing to your hair (as well as your brain.) This is an investment. These little kinky coils that we so lovingly cultivate are big business…and I’m not just referring to your  local hair dresser/barber. The big players have entered this arena. As I observe what’s going on I truly hope this natural hair revolution sticks and is for real, that this new crew understands and embraces our own unique beauty. I don’t know guys. It’s hard. Off my soap box ….

nappylocs long

Getting ready for summer

One thing that you might notice after a couple years is that your ends can start to lighten from being in the sun. I know ombre is the trend, but I would like to keep my hair dark. For just a quick change in pace I went and picked some temporary color. I used Clairol Beautiful Collection Moisturizing Color in the past with good results, so I went to Sally’s and purchased three bottles.

Hair Color


Locs tend to soak up the color, so buy a little extra. I followed the directions on the bottle, and voila. I only use semi permanent color. I would definitely see a professional stylist if I wanted to go lighter or wanted another color, or highlights. What are you doing to your hair as the weather gets warmer?













I sprayed my hair with Dew and put it in bantu knots before bed to get a little body in the after picture 🙂


Natural and Back

Today I want to talk about the big chop. Not the one where you cut your relaxer off, the other one. When you decide you like your locs, but after a while (for me it was 8 years), you decide you want a different style.

Long Nappylocs

Long Nappylocs

So in 2009 I cut my locs off. I waited about 4 weeks since my last re-tightening and scheduled the big chop!. I sat in the chair with my eyes closed tight while she did it. I couldn’t believe how light I felt as my locs fell to the floor. I desperately wanted to join the legions of twa’s I was seeing all around me, but when I saw my long locs in a pile on the floor, I couldn’t help but be emotional.  “Please don’t cry, because if you start, then I’ll start crying too!”, she said, and we both laughed. I left the salon and purchased a brush, and some big earrings, excited that I could wear any style I wanted now. Then reality set in. I had to style my hair every…single…day.



I am an engineer and my locs never caused much attention, which I appreciated. Now I get comments everyday on how it was styled different, and how I was so creative, and yes, how pretty it was. Always a compliment, but after a while I felt like it became a distraction. I thought, I’ll fix this so I went and had two strand twists put in. I really liked my twists, but having Nappylocs spoiled me so after about 4 weeks I took them down. Shortly after I started my family when reality set in. I no longer had 6 hours  to spend in the chair only to have to repeat the process every few weeks.  I gave up.


It was about that time I started to miss being able to run my fingers through my hair on the way to work and look great. My schedule didn’t slow down because of the new baby . I was busy  as ever- with work and travel. I wanted my time back. I wanted an easy versatile style. So I called my mom and she started my locs over again.

Short Nappylocs

Short Nappylocs

My first set of locs were well over 500 but I just didn’t want to commit that much time to maintenance.So I made them larger with about 200 locs. Great for me because now I can re-tighten my whole head while the kids watch the Jungle Book movie. I honestly prefer them to be short too.One day, I may install less than 100 to see how that looks on me. Then again I think I might try 500 again with the 3 point pattern.


I think most people who try locs will have at least two sets. But Nappylocs makes it so easy, it’s hard to imagine myself without locs for more than a little bit. Plus there is sooo much I can do with my locs, styling is the last reason to cut my hair. I’ve worn nice wigs, worn the loc hawk, petals, curls, buns and braids. Even now we are working on something new, we’ll keep you posted!
Wig with locs

Being silly

Nappylocs April 2015

What styles have you tried? Have you cut your locs off before?

You Choose

Here at Nappylocs, we feel that being able to do your own hair is freedom. I can retighten my hair whenever and wherever I feel like it. I also don’t have to budget to go and get my hair done. So we started thinking, what if we invested that money every month instead of getting it relaxed or braided? Being the nerd that I am, I got out a spreadsheet to do the math.

Assuming I spent $50 a month, I would have invested over $3,000 in the last 5 years. Believe me, $50 a month is low estimate; some places where I’ve lived it’s more than $100 a month. So here’s the deal, let’s say instead of going to a salon, I invested that $50 in Microsoft stock. Then it gets even more interesting.

Spent on your hair In your account

Return on investment

2005-2015 6050 9132


2010-2015 3025 4191



If I had taken that 50 bucks and invested it starting five years ago I would have had a 39% return on my investment. If I started investing in 2005, I would have made 51%. If I start now and get similar returns over the next 10 years, I could take that $6050 and turn it into $8852. Now I  do on occasion visit salons for special pampering, after all they are professionals. A good quality cut, color, or facial should be done by professionals. If you are unable to install your own locs by all means enlist their help or that of a family member or friend. (My mom has installed mine twice)

But for me, a young mother with small kids my time and my funds are more focused on my kids. Nappylocs allows me the freedom of doing my own hair during nap time, kids movies, and in between soccer classes.

Nappylocs at the Zoo

Flying Kites with Nappylocs


post 421b

Disclaimer: We are not financial professionals, this is not intended as financial advice, and we are not endorsing Microsoft specifically. Please seek a financial adviser for investment information.

Samurai Bun

We want to start documenting more quick dreadlock styles that we wear as we are out and about.  Owner and founder, Debra is always picking up supplies and shipping orders, but when the weather is nice you can always find her at the local park, and usually this is how she wears her hair.

Samurai Bun 3

To get the look first hold your hair like you are going to start a ponytail at the back of the head ( but high enough to get your locs off your neck). Then fold the hair under creating a simple bun. Lastly she adds a ponytail holder with a big embellishment on it right under the fold.

Samurai Bun 2

The added ponytail holder takes this trail ready look up a notch for where ever we end up after the park!

034 036

044 027047