Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

About Us

We’ve been supporting natural hair and dreadlocks since 1999. The tool was created out of a need to break free of the standard options that we have with our hair. Over the years we have grown, and our business has shifted from installing and maintaining locs for our clients to creating unique jewelry featured in Essence Magazine. But at the end of the day it always comes back to helping mothers (and fathers!) take care of themselves, and take care of their children’s hair.

Today we see younger and younger kids with chemically treated hair or so called “protective” hair styles that pull their follicles so tight they can’t even smile. With Nappylocs TM everyone can have the freedom of healthy, long, beautiful hair.

My daughter and I just spent a lot of time from Thursday til Sunday installing her locs, but she loves her hair already and is very excited.  Thank you so much for answering my questions when I called and for encouraging us in this adventure, but most of all thank you for helping me bless my daughter.

We’ve re-tightened once, which took five hours (approx. 200 locs), but to us that’s a breeze, after our past of spending many, many more  hours than that unbraiding and re-braiding every two weeks.  20 hours every two weeks vs. five hours every four to six weeks PLUS no comb outs anymore–there’s no contest.  We’re both much happier now!

Amanda W.

“My 14 year old daughter locked my hair which makes it even more special!”

St. Louis, MO

“I finally have control over my own hair!”

Atlanta, GA

“This book teaches you step by step in such a logical and clear manner- I could do this as a business.”

Chicago, IL

I am the adoptive, caucasian mother of an eleven year old daughter from Ethiopia.  Needless to say, the learning curve for me doing her hair has been a big one!  We locked her hair once years ago using the palm rolling method.  We found the process and maintenance tiring.  I was thrilled to run across Nappy Locs recently.  Our daughter has had her new ‘locs’ for about four months and it’s been quite easy.  She maintains them on her own every month or so and doesn’t think about them in the mean time.  It’s given her (and me) a lot of freedom!  We’re looking forward to the final outcome.


Also,  Debra Belton has been a gem to work with!  She frequently talked with me by phone or by e-mail to help me through the process.  She has always been accessible and helpful.  I appreciate her greatly!


Kristin S.

We have been a resource to our customers, answering questions over the phone and through email for the last 15 years. Those experiences and innovations are included in the book and we will continue to grow and learn and share  with our community.

Meet the Team

Debra Belton, founder and owner, created the tool, book, and the hair care system that they come with. As an entrepreneur, published photographer, author, and certified loctician, she has worn many hats and continues to reach out to people looking for a healthy hair solution.

Janel Bland, business officer, has recently joined the team. She brings a background in engineering  and her own enthusiasm for locs.  It’s wonderful that we are continually blessed, and now able to expand the Nappylocs family!