Twice as Good

I’m sure most of you in the loc’ing community are sad to see see the latest set back to natural hair handed out by the courts.

Denial of Right to Wear Locs Means Denial of Black Freedoms

*Ebony Magazine – Denial of Right to Wear Locs

Now, I believe in maintaining a professional work environment. You want to get along with your colleagues, customers, and your employer. Businesses do have a right to create the kind of culture they want within their walls. In no way should that exclude locs which by extension can discriminate against natural hair which is a part of who we are. We should continue to challenge and fight these practices, in the courts and with our dollars. But before I get too far off track, and my blood pressure gets too high I remember the proverb that has been etched on my consciousness since before I can remember : “twice as good”.

At some point that company should regret that decision. They should recognize that loss and mourn the fact that their prejudice has limited their success. Whenever I have ran into a wall as hard and immovable as someone who is unwilling to listen, I just pick up my toys and go. I know what I am worth. Our success will be their indictment.

img_0445b(Snap up a hair pin!)


Dressy Loc – Hawk

Just a quick post today, showing a different look. We’ve been working to recreate different styles that inspire us. Sometimes we do get tired of waking up with our hair ready to go. Occasionally we like to see what more our locs can do.

To start I created 4 simple ponytails with small elastics down the back.

Loc Hawk 1

Then I took each section and divided it in two. I twirled both sections around my fingers until they coiled back onto themselves.

Loc Hawk 2

Lastly I used bobby pins to secure the hair in place.

Loc Hawk 3


As a quick note, I moisturize everyday with I light spray and when I work with my hair I always keep a little pomade on my fingers to keep my ends soft. What do you think? What styled are you guys working on?

My Marching Orders

Recently I was pleading my case with my mom about a major decision coming up. She hedged, not wanting to totally throw cold water on my idea, but I pressed on. Finally she said that I was wishy washy, and scattered all over the place. This week I was worried about where my oldest started kindergarten, and last week I was looking at moving.

At first I was tempted to gloss over that piece of criticism, but I paused. “What do you mean all over the place?” That  doesn’t sound like me.

She replied “You’re always telling me to make a list and set some goals. What are your goals for your family?”

mic drop


She was right. I had  made goals for before I turned 30, and I accomplished all but 2. I saw a gray whale in the wild, started our family, played an instrument, tried a new sport, etc, etc,. I am a very focused, type A kind of person, but I hadn’t thought to bring that skill to my family.


So I made a new list. I have 13 years left with my boys which means only 13 summer vacations , 13 Christmases, 13 spring breaks, so I need to make sure I make the most of it.

  • They must leave my house knowing how to swim, do their own laundry, and cook healthy meals for themselves.
  • They must know how important it is to go to college, get a job, and start a family
  • They need to have read through the entire bible before graduation.
  • I want them to try photography, movie making, coding, building their own computers, robotics, making something to sell at a craft show, welding, and riding a horse.
  • I want to take them to Pigeon Forge, Orlando, San Diego, Great Wolf Lodge, Chicago, Cincinnati, St Louis, plant tours, civil war sites, and a chocolate factory.
  • Every year at least once we will visit Lake Michigan,  do go- carts, bowling, mini golf, mountain bike riding, sleep in the back yard, and visit an apple orchard.
  • Lastly, as service we will do Christmas for another family, send a care package to a soldier on memorial day, make an basket for other children on Easter, deliver meals to other families after surgery or new babies, and hopefully share life with a foster child and their family.
 fishtail braid2

Mother’s Day is coming. Now I feel ready.
(I pulled my hair to the side in a quick fishtail braid, and added this gorgeous pin!)
fishtail braid

First Official Giveaway!!

natural hair
From talking to you and sharing stories everyday, we know you love your locs as much as we do. There is nothing better than sharing healthy hair. Therefore, as a little gift to you we are running a special contest. Between now and 5/7/2016 you can enter to win a first place prize of the complete Soft Locs Kit. Second place will win a $10 gift card to, and third place will receive a $5 gift card. Winners will be chosen at random, and there are a few ways to enter. Just check out the widget below.

Good Luck!

Short Nappylocs

Happy Mama’s Day!

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Negro, colored, Black, kinky, nappy, curly or coily

There I was sitting at my mom’s kitchen table going through some of my dad’s old coins and tokens. The metallic discs were spread out on a crisp white laminate table with a sea-foam green boomerang design. Dad had amassed quite a collection of coins from all parts of the world. No, he wasn’t a world traveler, but being on the demolition side of construction allowed him gather many interesting artifacts. I currently had in my hand a brass coin that read “Copper Clad Crank Club.” In the middle on the face of the coin a guy dressed in armor stands squarely on a swastika.Copper clad On the flip side of the coin two more swastikas and a four leaf clover. Did this belong to some secret Irish Nazi group? Hmmm.Copper Clad coin
After a little research I found out that Copper Clad was a pre-Hitler stove company and the swastika was a sign for good luck. Wow!
Then my mind started to wonder and reflect on how the word black lost it’s derogatory meaning in regards to my skin. As a kid I remember it being especially cool to be Black and proud.


Now, everyone wants to be in the black (financially) and women everywhere  desire to have at least one fabulous little black dress. Lena Horn in that little black dress

In the same way that we adopted and embraced being called black, the word Nappy is embraced to describe the coily spirals that are the identical to the DNA strands that define man.


Isn’t it wonderful that the first humans wore on their head a replica of all humanity?  two generations

Happy Easter!

I started sewing about two years ago. I was pregnant with my third son, and having a hard time getting around. I was mostly limited to sitting. Not washing baby clothes, not preparing the nursery, just sitting. I figured, at least if I was sewing something for me or my new baby I could feel like I was getting ready. So what started out of boredom became a full blown passion. Dresses, jeans, a blanket, bean bag chairs, and my new favorite winter coat, almost everything I wear, I’ve made.

In my heart though, a new boredom crept in. I can only make myself so many things. I tried making some things for my (3) boys, but it’s hard to convince a 4 year old that basket ball shorts and an over-sized superman t-shirt aren’t considered “haute-couture”. I am a little jealous of the moms out there with their daughters all decked out in floral leggings and ruffles. If I were blessed with a 4th child, odds are good it would be another chubby cheeked boy.
Beyond khaki’s and a button down, the small selection in stores leaves much to be desired.
Even though I don’t have a baby girl, I know several people who do. So I sat down at my sewing machine to have fun and make something special for my cousin for Easter. I had some beautiful wax print fabric and in about 2 days, I had a matching set for three adorable sisters. I think they are the cutest ever.

Mink, boots, and a snow shovel

Hey. I know I’ve been missing in action  for some months now. I’ve had plenty of life changes and challenges in the last few months,  the most  notable being my dad’s passing. I was privileged to be there when he transitioned on and I thank God for providing an example of loving parents in my life.
Today is a special day. It is the day of love, February 14th. While thinking about some of the plans that I have scheduled, today I had a chance to reflect on how the love shown and given to me has influenced the  person I am today.

I love vintage!

I love vintage!

While we normally share flowers and candy and sweet things with our  mates, I find myself listening to the chorus of  voices of those that constantly told me ” you can do it!” when the  challenges came. So yes I can rip out that bathroom down to the studs, I can change over my HVAC system from summer to winter, and I can patch, paint, sand, and refinish any and every project I put my mind to, while caring for my kids.

Just a little rose colored bling!

Just a little rose colored bling!

I hope that today you guys are being built up and filled with love to strengthen you for the challenges you face. A little  snow, no problem.  Let me grab my coat, shovel and boots then add a few  pins just to make it look pretty.

All done and stamped with approval!

All done and stamped with approval!

For the Locs We’ve Lost

It inevitably happens to all of us. One of our precious locs is removed all too soon. We have heard the stories. One breaks off while twisting. Another breaks off while pulling on a seat belt.

Long Lost Locs

Long Lost Locs

Once, I had to give one up for a drug test to start work… For a moment I had to think about whether I wanted that job. For weeks after I touched that spot gingerly with a twinge of sadness in my heart.

It’s especially difficult as they get longer, and you have put so much time in it. Right now I am battling the dreaded “shredding” which happens when you neglect to moisturize the ends.


So be sure to moisturize. Don’t over- twist, or better yet try interlocking. And let’s pour a little (hair oil) out for the locs we’ve lost.


The Other “Big Chop”

This set of locs I started when I became pregnant with my first child. I had gone 7 years with my first set.


Nappy Locs 2008


But I yearned for the afro’s and braids and “versatility”…spelled “W O R K”. I didn’t realize I was giving up the ultimate wash and go style for what seemed like the song that never ends.

(There’s a throw back for all us 80’s babies)

No longer could I get up 20 minutes before I needed to be at work. I would just run my fingers through my locs as I was brushing my teeth.

P1010031After I cut them, I had to sleep in a bonnet ( not at all sexy), brush it, oil it, braid it. My beloved puff was too drying. The braids made my scalp scream, and all of a sudden I started getting too many comments. I felt like it was becoming a distraction. The quality of my work was no longer the topic of the day, but how I styled my hair. Soon I found myself in two strand twists.


Then twists with extensions. (How that lady spent 8 hours on my head for only $60 I will never know, but I tipped generously.)

I began to ask myself, why take my twists down every few weeks, only to do it again? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying my natural hair is unmanageable. It does not need to be tamed, or heaven forbid burnt into submission. Nor am I saying locs are no-maintenance. They still need regular care.

None the less, I feel free. And until I feel the itch to have the sun on my scalp, my locs will stay long and lovely.


Nappy Locs 2015