Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool


Negro, colored, Black, kinky, nappy, curly or coily

Negro, colored, Black, kinky, nappy, curly or coily

There I was sitting at my mom’s kitchen table going through some of my dad’s old coins and tokens. The metallic discs were spread out on a crisp white laminate table with a sea-foam green boomerang design. Dad had amassed quite a collection of coins […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I started sewing about two years ago. I was pregnant with my third son, and having a hard time getting around. I was mostly limited to sitting. Not washing baby clothes, not preparing the nursery, just sitting. I figured, at least if I was sewing […]

Mink, boots, and a snow shovel

Mink, boots, and a snow shovel

Hey. I know I’ve been missing in action  for some months now. I’ve had plenty of life changes and challenges in the last few months,  the most  notable being my dad’s passing. I was privileged to be there when he transitioned on and I thank […]


In my earliest memory, I was standing on my tip toes, trying my best to watch my mom cooking on our 70’s green counter-top. I remember being excited, hoping to sneak a taste of the cake she was making. Growing up, food was one of […]

Making Memories

When I got pregnant with our first child, my husband and I started talking about what kind of traditions we wanted to start. As DINKs, (Dual Income, No Kids) we had no traditions. We pretty much did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. But now […]


Yesterday I sat down with a new fashion magazine and I was reminded of when I was a little girl flipping through my mom’s copies of Essence. On occasion when her stack got too thick, my mom would bring home a couple poster boards and my […]

A Bit of My Legacy

Some of you guys live in the most wonderful places. I remember as a kid being fascinated by elves, dwarves and fairies in the enchanted forest. You know the familiar story lines of little girls and boys taking a passage through the woods to get […]


It’s about 7 when we pull up alongside of a road cut that I’ve been eyeing for the last few weeks. I had conscripted my conspirator in the dastardly deed into collecting some rock samples this Saturday morn. We, or should I say he, grabbed […]

Healthy Air

I know you have all seen the articles encouraging us to share our space with house plants. Those stories typically stay by listing all the reasons for poor air quality and resulting health hazards then recommends one large plant per room.  The first thing I […]

For the Fathers

For the last six weeks like many of you I’ve been riveted as we watch our nation go through this season of growing pains. I don’t know about you but for me everything is off, I’m behind in my gardening, I missed my Mothers Day […]