Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool


Yesterday I sat down with a new fashion magazine and I was reminded of when I was a little girl flipping through my mom’s copies of Essence. On occasion when her stack got too thick, my mom would bring home a couple poster boards and my brothers and I would go through and cut out all of the beautiful chocolate men and women that we liked and taped them on that board. By the time we were done every square inch would be covered in all the many shades and features of beautiful black people. As a child it was natural. Why wouldn’t everyone make a beautiful collage, what else were they doing at home? As an adult I realize the wisdom and beauty in our little craft project.


I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary  Dark Girls on Netflix, but it’s worth looking at. Growing up in rural Tennessee, the only time I wasn’t the “fly in the buttermilk” was Sundays at church, but I never saw myself as less than because of my skin color. So for all of you out there that could use an extra dose, we are all runway ready, drop dead gorgeous in whatever hue we are.



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