Twice as Good

I’m sure most of you in the loc’ing community are sad to see see the latest set back to natural hair handed out by the courts.

Denial of Right to Wear Locs Means Denial of Black Freedoms

*Ebony Magazine – Denial of Right to Wear Locs

Now, I believe in maintaining a professional work environment. You want to get along with your colleagues, customers, and your employer. Businesses do have a right to create the kind of culture they want within their walls. In no way should that exclude locs which by extension can discriminate against natural hair which is a part of who we are. We should continue to challenge and fight these practices, in the courts and with our dollars. But before I get too far off track, and my blood pressure gets too high I remember the proverb that has been etched on my consciousness since before I can remember : “twice as good”.

At some point that company should regret that decision. They should recognize that loss and mourn the fact that their prejudice has limited their success. Whenever I have ran into a wall as hard and immovable as someone who is unwilling to listen, I just pick up my toys and go. I know what I am worth. Our success will be their indictment.

img_0445b(Snap up a hair pin!)


For the Locs We’ve Lost

It inevitably happens to all of us. One of our precious locs is removed all too soon. We have heard the stories. One breaks off while twisting. Another breaks off while pulling on a seat belt.

Long Lost Locs

Long Lost Locs

Once, I had to give one up for a drug test to start work… For a moment I had to think about whether I wanted that job. For weeks after I touched that spot gingerly with a twinge of sadness in my heart.

It’s especially difficult as they get longer, and you have put so much time in it. Right now I am battling the dreaded “shredding” which happens when you neglect to moisturize the ends.


So be sure to moisturize. Don’t over- twist, or better yet try interlocking. And let’s pour a little (hair oil) out for the locs we’ve lost.


Paying it Forward

One day while checking my facebook (which I know I do more than I should) I noticed a post about the latest twitter war between rappers. So I had to google it. For the next 20 -30 minutes I read about the major players, their history, what lead to the dispute, other people connected to both of them, and response from every other blogger and journalist that had an opinion on the quality and tenor on the resulting diss tracks. Then I happily shared that information with my husband who nodded politely while going on with his day. At that moment I felt convicted. I know, being and adult means you can have an opinion on the latest “it” bag and civil rights. I think most will agree that anyone with very strong convictions, and no knowledge of pop culture is a bit extreme.

But today articles came up on my phone about the lack of teachers, and an abundance of abandoned homes in my city, and the first of a long season of presidential debates. So in addition to clicking on the latest videos of people doing “the Quan” I’m also trying to find out where Habitat for Humanity is building next and becoming a foster family. Just my small way of “paying it forward”.

Happy 4th!

This has been a very busy week to say the least. Being of a certain age, that is having grand-babies, I came across my old highschool grad pic. It’s literally been more than ten years since I’ve taken that trip down memory lane. If anyone tells you that you look the same as you did in highschool, please know  they’ve just lied to you . LOL. I mean you can look good at any age but to say you haven’t changed or aged since highschool means you were one old looking kid. Those days are behind me and the grand babies love to pat those giggly parts that I knew nothing about as a teenager. So here’s the point, live each day as if there is no tomorrow, and don’t fret about not being good enough. If you don’t like you, how can you expect anyone else to like you.

Seems like some groups of women  have been “struggling” a long time. Have you noticed the more powerful a woman  is, the less feminine or pretty they are perceived by some? Why can’t we be both?! While the ladies that are reading this are involved in the festivities of caring for your families and loved ones, make sure you take some pretty time out for yourselves this holiday. I’m including a pic from Dolce and Gabanna fall fashion show 2015 fall backstage.  There are wonderful broaches and pins the designer used to adorn simple feminine hairstyles. You will also see in my pics old broaches and pins that I’ve purchased from thrift stores, estate sales and cheapos from Micheal’s.dolce and gabannahair pins 011-2hair pins 021I’ve added a little brass wire to some, but use your imagination and have some fun adding interest to a simple hairstyle. Get pretty and enjoy the day!

Let’s do better

I had started to daydream as I looked out of the huge window on a perfect sun filled day enjoying my lunch. A friend walked up and we chatted awhile, I can’t remember about what really, when she asked me if I were wearing a wig. I was kind of shocked at first but I thought it was  obvious that it was my own hair. It was what the kids would call today a mow hawk.  Earlier that summer I had gone to the hairdresser and she turned my afro into one of those “curls.” Not one of those greasy things that are the butt of jokes, but an actual mass of naturally curly looking ringlets. That’s before the rush to “curl” the masses and professionals just slapped whatever rod was available in their arsenal and beauty supply shops sold these kits to the masses and eventually everybody was doing it.

Competition is good for the consumer when it brings about a better product, but the curl only rushed in subpar services and products. We are on the threshold of repeating history. It seems that in the freedom to finally practice our craft, few if any have done research, only to post half tidbits of information to become hair gurus. When I started out, I wanted to be innovative.  I was blessed with the invention of a different tool design, different loc-king patterns, natural products and tons of friends family, and strangers, who answered my questions as well as allowed me to experiment on their hair. There were others as well, mavericks, that put out an excellent product.That was fifteen years ago and in this money grab,  this current natural hair phenomena, I don’t see new and improved, or different, just poor imitations of what’s out there. Nappylocs is a family tradition, part of a body of knowledge, so that little kinky haired girls never have to swing a towel, pretending to have long hair. Let’s do better.