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Get out there

Get out there

A couple years after I graduated, I started to feel a little lost. The job I had always wanted wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped. After working so hard through school, I felt like I had arrived and the destination was… underwhelming.

So I made a list. What was it, that I wanted to say I had done by the time I turned 30. While a couple of those things that were important at the moment had fallen by the wayside, I had done all but 2 items with 10 months to go. One thing I wanted to do was to have a sport. I feel I can be more physically active if I have a goal (other than looking hot) to work for, or be part of a team. That’s really why I joined some ladies from church to do the Dirty Girl.
Before the Mud Run
And it was AWESOME. I already can’t wait to do it again next year, and I’m signed up to do another mud run in a couple weeks. I hate running, but I love mud, and sweat. I wasn’t sure I could do it (3 miles isn’t that hard though) and I was afraid I’d be left behind in the mud by myself, but my team was there with me.MudRun
Mud Run
I dare you all to make a list, and get out there.

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