Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Dressy Loc – Hawk

Dressy Loc – Hawk

Just a quick post today, showing a different look. We’ve been working to recreate different styles that inspire us. Sometimes we do get tired of waking up with our hair ready to go. Occasionally we like to see what more our locs can do.

To start I created 4 simple ponytails with small elastics down the back.

Loc Hawk 1

Then I took each section and divided it in two. I twirled both sections around my fingers until they coiled back onto themselves.

Loc Hawk 2

Lastly I used bobby pins to secure the hair in place.

Loc Hawk 3


As a quick note, I moisturize everyday with I light spray and when I work with my hair I always keep a little pomade on my fingers to keep my ends soft. What do you think? What styled are you guys working on?

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