Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool


The “Precious”

The “Precious”

  I can hear the  soft hum my machine makes while polishing some of my stones. My daughter and I recently went through my stash, as  I was was heading in the direction of a  hoarder. There she sat going through “rock” after “rock” insisting […]

Things girls shouldn’t do

Fifteen or so years ago (boy am I getting old) I had dreams of owning a recycling business. Reusing old scrap metals wasn’t quite as fashionable here in the midwest and neither was the idea of women driving dump trucks. Back in the day, my […]

Weekend Warrior

From my nappy brother: People kept asking me if I was ready for the race, but honestly, the race wasn’t ready for me. I was sure of it, from the moment we parked the car outside of the Warrior Dash, this race was beneath me. […]