The “Precious”


I can hear the  soft hum my machine makes while polishing some of my stones. My daughter and I recently went through my stash, as  I was was heading in the direction of a  hoarder. There she sat going through “rock” after “rock” insisting that I de-stash at least some of my little “precious”. I sort of fiddle around with a little bit of silversmithing for myself from time to time. I love stones, crystals, fossils. It amazes me how unique and beautiful each one is.

the precious 029

nicer stones in various stages before mount

This desire to work with this material started kind of innocently as I sat and watched one of the female characters of an early Star Trek series adorn her neck with raw dilithium crystals. Those same crystals provided an emergency power source for the Star Ship Enterprise.

 simpler stones converted to ponytail holders

simpler stones converted to ponytail holders and tool charms

Back in those days I loved all of the Star Trek series. I loved the costumes, the aliens the diferent worlds, but most of all I loved the beautiful intelligent, sexy, feminine female characters. Who can forget communications officer Lt Uhura aptly named for uhuru is swahilli meaning freedom.

Lt Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols-

Lt Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols

 or Fenna, Nidell’s ethereal manifestation that stole the heart of the debonair Captain Sisko. 

DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 “Second Sight.” Captain Sisko played by Avery Brooks and Fenna played by Salli Elise Richardson.

I loved Fenna’s hair. It reminded me of an updated Lady Godiva.

 Fenna from DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 "Second Sight." played by Salli Elise Richardson.

Fenna from DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 “Second Sight.” played by Salli Elise Richardson.

fenna back 4

As much as some would like to poo poo the importance of hair in our culture and globally, it still is and will always be our crown and an expression of our beauty.
Fenna 008
Adorn pomade added to seal in moisture. Easy 10 minute up do highlighting our hair ties available in the store with  hair pins to follow.
Fenna 012
Create this style by dividing the hair into three horizontal sections. The top section is a loosely pinned boufount top knot. The mid section is a Samurai bun and the lowest section hangs loose. Try it straight, wavy, or curly in loc-ked or loose hair.

Things girls shouldn’t do

Junk to scale.

Junk to scale.

Fifteen or so years ago (boy am I getting old) I had dreams of owning a recycling business. Reusing old scrap metals wasn’t quite as fashionable here in the midwest and neither was the idea of women driving dump trucks. Back in the day, my dad was part owner in a demolition business. I can remember going to a job site after many days of begging and pleading. You see, little girls didn’t do such things like exploring old factories. I remember one particular building we explored was an old laundry factory. It stood about three stories tall. Inside was slide that spiraled from the top floor to the ground floor about 30 feet high. Oh and I forgot to mention the fireman’s type pole. That was before OSHA and of course no one told mama.

So a couple of weeks ago I was called to recycling duty….or should I say Fred Sandford duty. How and why….just know I did. Yes, I drove a loud pick up truck to what used to be called a junk yard but what is now a recycling center. If I were single, suffice it to say there were plenty of  helpful guys, business owners, driving expensive rigs, but I digress….I saw all sorts of big boy tonka trucks, tractors, rail cars, chippers,

cowrie in hair 021

Gotta keep it cute! Check them out, in the store.

etc.  The recycling centers are big business. Our recyclable metals are taken to the centers, sorted, chipped, sold to China for pennies on the dollar, while China refabricates our junk and sells it back to us.  Hmm. Just thinking.

The trip to the junk yard brought back old memories….and what ifs…

Big boy/girl toys

Big boy/girl toys

Junk pre sorted and pre- chipped.

Junk pre sorted and pre- chipped.

15 - 3 (1)

Metals now sorted, chipped loaded on rail cars to be shipped to China.

Mom's drafted for the cause wearing her recycle Eath Day tee.

Mom’s drafted for the cause.

More big boy/girl toys.

More big boy/girl toys.

Weekend Warrior

From my nappy brother:
People kept asking me if I was ready for the race, but honestly, the race wasn’t ready for me. I was sure of it, from the moment we parked the car outside of the Warrior Dash, this race was beneath me. That’s not to say I didn’t think it would be fun, I was honest when I told my sister that I looked forward to it, but when she kept insisting that “This is the real deal,” I just nodded. Of course this sort of thing might be hard for someone like her, but I had been training for this for over a month, running 5Ks over intense Missouri hills. I was ready.
Nappy Brother
We dropped our bags at the check in, and made our way toward the starting line, past the beer vendor and concert stage. Several times I had heard this race referred to as a “mud run”, and as I wandered to where the others were gathering I thought I knew why. There was a squelching noise that accompanied every step I took towards the starting area. Wet grass and dirt clung to my shoes, but it was nothing I hadn’t run in before. “WARRIOR DASH” was splashed in bright red across a black banner above the runners. Speakers blasted music all around us, and twin flame jets spat hot fire into the air above us. The race had begun, and I was ready.
About ten or so minutes in I realized that there was significantly more mud than I had anticipated. The mud sucked my shoe up to my ankle with every step, and it was all I could do to keep a brisk pace without twisting my foot clean off my body. I thought I had long since left my sister and her husband in the dust, until my brother in law, Ben, passed me by with a nonchalant “Sup?”
Eventually I was trudging downhill, and then suddenly I was sliding. Soon every step sent me slipping  left and right along the trail. “This is terrible” Ben concluded, and I agreed. This was definitely the worst kind of mud to run in. I slid into a puddle with a massive splash. When I looked down I saw that I was up to my knees in muddy water.  I stood corrected. Ben plowed on, and I would not be left behind.
During the course of the run we lifted ourselves over walls, walls that gradually grew higher and higher. Upon reaching the top of one particular wall and looking down over the other side I remembered that I was in fact afraid of heights. I laughed to myself as I grabbed the mud-slick rope and began my descent; it was a little late to be scared now.
Over the flames
Eventually came the final stretch of the race, and I was swimming underneath barbed wire in brown, gritty water. I had lost my glasses in the mud at this point, and there was no hope of finding them. I was exhausted as I lifted myself out of the last pit, covered from my head to my toes in wet, clinging earth, and all that I had waiting for me in the baggage I brought with me was a clean pair of sandals, but I did it. I wasn’t ready, but I did it anyway. Story of my life!
Swimming in mud