Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool


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What hair types can the Nappylocs Tool and Book be used for?

We group hair types into 3 divisions, however many of you may fall somewhere in between or have several hair textures on your head in different areas.

What sizes can I make/maintain my dreadlocks?

Locs can be made small, medium, and large and in between!

My scalp really itches and flakes. I hate not being able to shampoo my hair. Can I really shampoo my hair using the Nappylocs Tool and/or Book?

Yes! You may shampoo your hair gently from day one.  Use the Baby Locs or Nappy Locs shampoos which have natural ingredients which reportedly help combat a dry and itchy scalp.

I already have dreadlocks. Can I maintain them using your tool?

Yes, you can maintain existing locs whether your hair is kinky or straight. Even if you have used other tools you can easily switch.

What moisturizers do you recommend?

New Nappylocs don’t require a lot of heavy moisturizers. After 6 weeks you can try a light spray like our Dew or Soft Locs Moisture Spray. Around 6 to 8 months a light oil like our Sunshine Oil or Yazzi serum can be used. Locs older than 1 year  or color treated hair can tend to be dry so we recommend our leave in Soft Locs or Suede conditioners.