Quick updates new vid!

This has been such a crazy week, so many new and exciting things on the horizon. I woke up this morning feeling more alive than I’ve been feeling for days, so as I rolled over and grabbed my phone to see today’s tidbits , I was so excited to see today’s message was “starting over,” a new refreshing, a new chance! I’ve been getting lots of feedback from you guys, please know that we are listening, we hear ya! 15 - 1

pompadour, french rolled braided crown

pompadour, french rolled braided crown

First I have received so many request from people who are looking for Nappylocs™ services or help with their installs, or professionals wanting to offer their services. We do plan to offer a gallery of some sorts. Just send us an email with your contact info.

We will soon be offering the updated book and totally redone video in our store. As promised most of the hairstyles featured on the blog are 15 minutes or less updos. There is more ahead. Here is our latest project. Can you tell were are having fun around here? 


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