Dressy Loc – Hawk

Just a quick post today, showing a different look. We’ve been working to recreate different styles that inspire us. Sometimes we do get tired of waking up with our hair ready to go. Occasionally we like to see what more our locs can do.

To start I created 4 simple ponytails with small elastics down the back.

Loc Hawk 1

Then I took each section and divided it in two. I twirled both sections around my fingers until they coiled back onto themselves.

Loc Hawk 2

Lastly I used bobby pins to secure the hair in place.

Loc Hawk 3


As a quick note, I moisturize everyday with I light spray and when I work with my hair I always keep a little pomade on my fingers to keep my ends soft. What do you think? What styled are you guys working on?

My Marching Orders

Recently I was pleading my case with my mom about a major decision coming up. She hedged, not wanting to totally throw cold water on my idea, but I pressed on. Finally she said that I was wishy washy, and scattered all over the place. This week I was worried about where my oldest started kindergarten, and last week I was looking at moving.

At first I was tempted to gloss over that piece of criticism, but I paused. “What do you mean all over the place?” That  doesn’t sound like me.

She replied “You’re always telling me to make a list and set some goals. What are your goals for your family?”

mic drop


She was right. I had  made goals for before I turned 30, and I accomplished all but 2. I saw a gray whale in the wild, started our family, played an instrument, tried a new sport, etc, etc,. I am a very focused, type A kind of person, but I hadn’t thought to bring that skill to my family.


So I made a new list. I have 13 years left with my boys which means only 13 summer vacations , 13 Christmases, 13 spring breaks, so I need to make sure I make the most of it.

  • They must leave my house knowing how to swim, do their own laundry, and cook healthy meals for themselves.
  • They must know how important it is to go to college, get a job, and start a family
  • They need to have read through the entire bible before graduation.
  • I want them to try photography, movie making, coding, building their own computers, robotics, making something to sell at a craft show, welding, and riding a horse.
  • I want to take them to Pigeon Forge, Orlando, San Diego, Great Wolf Lodge, Chicago, Cincinnati, St Louis, plant tours, civil war sites, and a chocolate factory.
  • Every year at least once we will visit Lake Michigan,  do go- carts, bowling, mini golf, mountain bike riding, sleep in the back yard, and visit an apple orchard.
  • Lastly, as service we will do Christmas for another family, send a care package to a soldier on memorial day, make an basket for other children on Easter, deliver meals to other families after surgery or new babies, and hopefully share life with a foster child and their family.
 fishtail braid2

Mother’s Day is coming. Now I feel ready.
(I pulled my hair to the side in a quick fishtail braid, and added this gorgeous pin!)
fishtail braid

The Other “Big Chop”

This set of locs I started when I became pregnant with my first child. I had gone 7 years with my first set.


Nappy Locs 2008


But I yearned for the afro’s and braids and “versatility”…spelled “W O R K”. I didn’t realize I was giving up the ultimate wash and go style for what seemed like the song that never ends.

(There’s a throw back for all us 80’s babies)

No longer could I get up 20 minutes before I needed to be at work. I would just run my fingers through my locs as I was brushing my teeth.

P1010031After I cut them, I had to sleep in a bonnet ( not at all sexy), brush it, oil it, braid it. My beloved puff was too drying. The braids made my scalp scream, and all of a sudden I started getting too many comments. I felt like it was becoming a distraction. The quality of my work was no longer the topic of the day, but how I styled my hair. Soon I found myself in two strand twists.


Then twists with extensions. (How that lady spent 8 hours on my head for only $60 I will never know, but I tipped generously.)

I began to ask myself, why take my twists down every few weeks, only to do it again? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying my natural hair is unmanageable. It does not need to be tamed, or heaven forbid burnt into submission. Nor am I saying locs are no-maintenance. They still need regular care.

None the less, I feel free. And until I feel the itch to have the sun on my scalp, my locs will stay long and lovely.


Nappy Locs 2015

The “Precious”


I can hear the  soft hum my machine makes while polishing some of my stones. My daughter and I recently went through my stash, as  I was was heading in the direction of a  hoarder. There she sat going through “rock” after “rock” insisting that I de-stash at least some of my little “precious”. I sort of fiddle around with a little bit of silversmithing for myself from time to time. I love stones, crystals, fossils. It amazes me how unique and beautiful each one is.

the precious 029

nicer stones in various stages before mount

This desire to work with this material started kind of innocently as I sat and watched one of the female characters of an early Star Trek series adorn her neck with raw dilithium crystals. Those same crystals provided an emergency power source for the Star Ship Enterprise.

 simpler stones converted to ponytail holders

simpler stones converted to ponytail holders and tool charms

Back in those days I loved all of the Star Trek series. I loved the costumes, the aliens the diferent worlds, but most of all I loved the beautiful intelligent, sexy, feminine female characters. Who can forget communications officer Lt Uhura aptly named for uhuru is swahilli meaning freedom.

Lt Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols- http://www.startrek.com/database_article/nicholsnichelle

Lt Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols

 or Fenna, Nidell’s ethereal manifestation that stole the heart of the debonair Captain Sisko. 

DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 “Second Sight.” Captain Sisko played by Avery Brooks and Fenna played by Salli Elise Richardson.

I loved Fenna’s hair. It reminded me of an updated Lady Godiva.

 Fenna from DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 "Second Sight." played by Salli Elise Richardson.

Fenna from DS9 (Deep Space 9) episode 2-9 “Second Sight.” played by Salli Elise Richardson.

fenna back 4

As much as some would like to poo poo the importance of hair in our culture and globally, it still is and will always be our crown and an expression of our beauty.
Fenna 008
Adorn pomade added to seal in moisture. Easy 10 minute up do highlighting our hair ties available in the store with  hair pins to follow.
Fenna 012
Create this style by dividing the hair into three horizontal sections. The top section is a loosely pinned boufount top knot. The mid section is a Samurai bun and the lowest section hangs loose. Try it straight, wavy, or curly in loc-ked or loose hair.

Living to His Glory

I stopped for a moment to try and keep the sweat from dripping completely in my eye. There it was, a perfectly round drop precariously dangling from my lashes. It’s not quite 7 am, but I’ve been out pulling weeds from my neglected flower beds.  In between the sweat, humidity, unusual rain showers,  and heat of  a  typical St. Louis summer, I’m dodging fuzzy bumble bees and dragon flies as they harvest my garden.  FlowersJust as I was about to finish up, out of the corner of my eye   I spied the familiar sort of side gate topped off by four white fuzzy paws and a gray beard. He is in high spirits as he loudly proclaims to the fellow hounds in the neighborhood “Where my dogs at!”


Duffy, the pooch in question, is a 14 year old miniature schnauzer with a pup’s energy and attitude. What’s so amazing about this little fellow is about 5 weeks ago he was attacked and received injuries so severe the vets were counseling me on “putting him to sleep.”  Suffice it to say I said no, and in less than a week Duffy was ready to go and they were glad to be rid of him. The dogs, animals, the rumbly bumbly bumble bees I watched this morning, all living their lives doing what only they were meant to do.

Nappylocs style Dreadlock style

Happy 4th!

This has been a very busy week to say the least. Being of a certain age, that is having grand-babies, I came across my old highschool grad pic. It’s literally been more than ten years since I’ve taken that trip down memory lane. If anyone tells you that you look the same as you did in highschool, please know  they’ve just lied to you . LOL. I mean you can look good at any age but to say you haven’t changed or aged since highschool means you were one old looking kid. Those days are behind me and the grand babies love to pat those giggly parts that I knew nothing about as a teenager. So here’s the point, live each day as if there is no tomorrow, and don’t fret about not being good enough. If you don’t like you, how can you expect anyone else to like you.

Seems like some groups of women  have been “struggling” a long time. Have you noticed the more powerful a woman  is, the less feminine or pretty they are perceived by some? Why can’t we be both?! While the ladies that are reading this are involved in the festivities of caring for your families and loved ones, make sure you take some pretty time out for yourselves this holiday. I’m including a pic from Dolce and Gabanna fall fashion show 2015 fall backstage.  There are wonderful broaches and pins the designer used to adorn simple feminine hairstyles. You will also see in my pics old broaches and pins that I’ve purchased from thrift stores, estate sales and cheapos from Micheal’s.dolce and gabannahair pins 011-2hair pins 021I’ve added a little brass wire to some, but use your imagination and have some fun adding interest to a simple hairstyle. Get pretty and enjoy the day!

Catching my Breath

Life has been so busy lately, I feel like I need a break. It seems like I do a little work, try and take care of my family, work on my home and the day is gone, with nothing ever feeling finished. I joke all the time what I wouldn’t give for a solid 7 hours of sleep. On the other hand, just the other day I found myself with two hours between appointments, and I was so anxious to get through the next task I couldn’t relax.

Trip to the zoo

I often hear that I should enjoy this busy time while my boys are little. I do try and just take a deep breath. I get my camera out and get some video of the boys playing with their trains so I can remember what their little voices sound like one day. Or I’ll hand them our old point and shoot and watch them try and take pictures of themselves, each other, or the dust bunnies under the bed. Even while I’m out trying to get some exercise, I’ll stop to take a picture of a neighbor’s poplar tree in bloom. Every little bit helps.
Nappylocs dreadlock style Nappylocs dreadlock styleNappylocs dreadlock style
15 minute style, these photos were taken by my 4 year old son!

Wish me luck!

The one question that I see most often on message boards and Facebook groups is whether locs and being active go together. Especially in the summer,  you’re out there running, swimming, playing tennis, you want to wash your hair after a good workout….you know…. get on with life. Nappylocs absolutely works for me.

Back in highschool and college I was on the track team, so after sweating and walking around campus all day, I would head over to practice. I was a thrower, and I loved it! Believe it or not I still hold several records in the shot put and the discus throw. It was during my first season doing the weight throw, I earned the nickname Hercu-lisa.
Well after three kids, my core is no where near as tight as it once was. This fall will be the first season, in what feels like a long time, that I can buy clothes without worrying about whether or not I can nurse in it, or if it will fit a month later. So in celebration, I am getting back out there. I decided to do the Dirty Girl Mud Run in a few weeks, and to prepare, I’m lifting weights again, dusting off my Zumba DVD’s, and jogging a little bit. And it feels good. Really good. You know that ache you get on the day after you lift  heavy, and every stretch feels like magic? I missed that.
Nappylocs style loc style dreadlock style
Wish me luck!

Natural and Back

Today I want to talk about the big chop. Not the one where you cut your relaxer off, the other one. When you decide you like your locs, but after a while (for me it was 8 years), you decide you want a different style.

Long Nappylocs

Long Nappylocs

So in 2009 I cut my locs off. I waited about 4 weeks since my last re-tightening and scheduled the big chop!. I sat in the chair with my eyes closed tight while she did it. I couldn’t believe how light I felt as my locs fell to the floor. I desperately wanted to join the legions of twa’s I was seeing all around me, but when I saw my long locs in a pile on the floor, I couldn’t help but be emotional.  “Please don’t cry, because if you start, then I’ll start crying too!”, she said, and we both laughed. I left the salon and purchased a brush, and some big earrings, excited that I could wear any style I wanted now. Then reality set in. I had to style my hair every…single…day.



I am an engineer and my locs never caused much attention, which I appreciated. Now I get comments everyday on how it was styled different, and how I was so creative, and yes, how pretty it was. Always a compliment, but after a while I felt like it became a distraction. I thought, I’ll fix this so I went and had two strand twists put in. I really liked my twists, but having Nappylocs spoiled me so after about 4 weeks I took them down. Shortly after I started my family when reality set in. I no longer had 6 hours  to spend in the chair only to have to repeat the process every few weeks.  I gave up.


It was about that time I started to miss being able to run my fingers through my hair on the way to work and look great. My schedule didn’t slow down because of the new baby . I was busy  as ever- with work and travel. I wanted my time back. I wanted an easy versatile style. So I called my mom and she started my locs over again.

Short Nappylocs

Short Nappylocs

My first set of locs were well over 500 but I just didn’t want to commit that much time to maintenance.So I made them larger with about 200 locs. Great for me because now I can re-tighten my whole head while the kids watch the Jungle Book movie. I honestly prefer them to be short too.One day, I may install less than 100 to see how that looks on me. Then again I think I might try 500 again with the 3 point pattern.


I think most people who try locs will have at least two sets. But Nappylocs makes it so easy, it’s hard to imagine myself without locs for more than a little bit. Plus there is sooo much I can do with my locs, styling is the last reason to cut my hair. I’ve worn nice wigs, worn the loc hawk, petals, curls, buns and braids. Even now we are working on something new, we’ll keep you posted!
Wig with locs

Being silly

Nappylocs April 2015

What styles have you tried? Have you cut your locs off before?