Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Catching my Breath

Catching my Breath

Life has been so busy lately, I feel like I need a break. It seems like I do a little work, try and take care of my family, work on my home and the day is gone, with nothing ever feeling finished. I joke all the time what I wouldn’t give for a solid 7 hours of sleep. On the other hand, just the other day I found myself with two hours between appointments, and I was so anxious to get through the next task I couldn’t relax.

Trip to the zoo

I often hear that I should enjoy this busy time while my boys are little. I do try and just take a deep breath. I get my camera out and get some video of the boys playing with their trains so I can remember what their little voices sound like one day. Or I’ll hand them our old point and shoot and watch them try and take pictures of themselves, each other, or the dust bunnies under the bed. Even while I’m out trying to get some exercise, I’ll stop to take a picture of a neighbor’s poplar tree in bloom. Every little bit helps.
Nappylocs dreadlock style Nappylocs dreadlock styleNappylocs dreadlock style
15 minute style, these photos were taken by my 4 year old son!

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