Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool


Just Checking In

Hi All! We’ve been so busy around here it sort of slipped under the radar but we are going to take a little time to talk about it in today’s post.  For some of you this is old news but for the newbies we just […]

Mo’ Hair Gro’ Hair

From our founder: This morning my mind wandered a bit… I was sitting in the back of a small car as we, with our faces plastered against the windows, drove through town. I probably looked like a small town country girl on her first visit […]

My Re-tightening Routine

  A lot has been said about loc maintenance and interlocking. Too much even. When retightening your new growth, some people use dread wax or cocoa butter. Others say you should never put anything on your locs or else you’ll never, ever, ever be able […]