Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Just Checking In

Just Checking In

Hi All!

We’ve been so busy around here it sort of slipped under the radar but we are going to take a little time to talk about it in today’s post.  For some of you this is old news but for the newbies we just wanted to briefly touch on a few things.


We wanted to highlight painful retightnings-ouch! A long time ago before  we created the Nappylocs Tool TM, I dreaded having my locs retightened. My edges were on fire and I could feel my loctician try and force her tool to try and complete that rotation. Furthermore, sometimes my scalp itched afterwards. Bad News, your scalp should never itch or be sore after a retightening regardless of the tool you are using.  If you are forcing a tool that is wider than the area to be tightened up you may weaken or distort the strands of hair and possibly place undue pressure on the hair follicles themselves.
kareem loop closeup


The Nappylocs Tool TM  is thin and comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the multiple part and loc sizes. The correct sized tool is always smaller than your part size but large enough to hold the loc. You can even squeeze the pinch for a tighter hold  and  on occasion we do customize them for larger hands, work specific designs, etc. However for most people- including myself- the standard tool works fine.


The other item we’d like to briefly address is the importance of keeping those locs moisturized. We prefer to tighten slightly damp hair either after shampooing or spritzing with the DEW when hair is dry. The DEW has extra softening ingredients along with essential oils that help to keep the hair fresh, moisturize as well as seal. Water alone can’t compete. DEW is  also great for a quick cold set and blow dry for anyone with natural hair.


So tighten up, but do it painlessly.

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