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We are pleased to announce!

We are pleased to announce!

Starting today in the store we have a new promotion. For a limited time only we are giving away one free 1 ounce shampoo bottle with any purchase. Just choose which one you’d like to try and add it to your basket. This is a great opportunity to experience our sulfate and  paraben free  natural shampoos made with wholesome natural oils like almond, grapeseed, olive, and avocado. We love the way they smell, and since that’s a little harder to describe, try it for free on us!

Babylocs is a grape seed oil based shampoo great for locs that are 6 months or newer. It’s a gentle, tingly cleanser that can help reduce fresh locs slippage. Nappylocs is a coconut oil based clarifying formula for refreshing, deep cleansing, packed with essential oils like tea tree. If your locs are mature try the Softlocs. This is our sunflower oil based shampoo which has the perfect blend of gentle cleansers  and a soft fruity fragrance. And we haven’t forgotten the gents who wear locs. Ladies love our new MAN masculine fragrance.  Hey, our  guidelines are just a suggestion, so see what works for you.

We are confident that you will love these shampoos as much as we do. You can also purchase any of these shampoos in a kit at a great price. We know locs, we love locs, and we believe we make the best products for locs!

57 and workin' it!
57 and workin’ it!

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