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From talking to you and sharing stories everyday, we know you love your locs as much as we do. There is nothing better than sharing healthy hair. Therefore, as a little gift to you we are running a special contest. Between now and 5/7/2016 you can enter to win a first place prize of the complete Soft Locs Kit. Second place will win a $10 gift card to, and third place will receive a $5 gift card. Winners will be chosen at random, and there are a few ways to enter. Just check out the widget below.

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Short Nappylocs

Happy Mama’s Day!

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The Other “Big Chop”

This set of locs I started when I became pregnant with my first child. I had gone 7 years with my first set.


Nappy Locs 2008


But I yearned for the afro’s and braids and “versatility”…spelled “W O R K”. I didn’t realize I was giving up the ultimate wash and go style for what seemed like the song that never ends.

(There’s a throw back for all us 80’s babies)

No longer could I get up 20 minutes before I needed to be at work. I would just run my fingers through my locs as I was brushing my teeth.

P1010031After I cut them, I had to sleep in a bonnet ( not at all sexy), brush it, oil it, braid it. My beloved puff was too drying. The braids made my scalp scream, and all of a sudden I started getting too many comments. I felt like it was becoming a distraction. The quality of my work was no longer the topic of the day, but how I styled my hair. Soon I found myself in two strand twists.


Then twists with extensions. (How that lady spent 8 hours on my head for only $60 I will never know, but I tipped generously.)

I began to ask myself, why take my twists down every few weeks, only to do it again? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying my natural hair is unmanageable. It does not need to be tamed, or heaven forbid burnt into submission. Nor am I saying locs are no-maintenance. They still need regular care.

None the less, I feel free. And until I feel the itch to have the sun on my scalp, my locs will stay long and lovely.


Nappy Locs 2015

A Bit of My Legacy

Some of you guys live in the most wonderful places. I remember as a kid being fascinated by elves, dwarves and fairies in the enchanted forest. You know the familiar story lines of little girls and boys taking a passage through the woods to get more quickly from point A to point B. Well this summer I had an opportunity to walk a trail as beautiful and lush as those in fairy land.

Lake 22

Lake 22

Hiking near lake 22

First let me say I have a fear of heights and I don’t like narrow trails. Especially, those where one side is a vertical mountain wall and the other side of the narrow path is a shear drop. When I first stepped onto the path the sounds of the city were ushered out only to be broken by the gentle sounds of water and the occassional singing of birds. It’s hard to describe but in this particular set of woods I felt as though I was being hugged and loved as I was greeted by the heavy fragrance of fresh pine. I had entered the enchanted forest were the pine trees were mighty and the fallen were covered with with thick moss and brillant fungi and lush ferns. It’s indescribable.I love you Seattle…. Lake 22….. I’m not saying I made it all the way up to the top….but it was beautiful none the less.

Hiking near lake 22

Hiking near lake 22

What made it more special was to see one of my favorite endeavors being passed on and made better. Other than the creator, my family gets my best. It seems my love of nature was passed on to me by granny Rena and so it continues….

My Son

My Son

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

Paying it Forward

One day while checking my facebook (which I know I do more than I should) I noticed a post about the latest twitter war between rappers. So I had to google it. For the next 20 -30 minutes I read about the major players, their history, what lead to the dispute, other people connected to both of them, and response from every other blogger and journalist that had an opinion on the quality and tenor on the resulting diss tracks. Then I happily shared that information with my husband who nodded politely while going on with his day. At that moment I felt convicted. I know, being and adult means you can have an opinion on the latest “it” bag and civil rights. I think most will agree that anyone with very strong convictions, and no knowledge of pop culture is a bit extreme.

But today articles came up on my phone about the lack of teachers, and an abundance of abandoned homes in my city, and the first of a long season of presidential debates. So in addition to clicking on the latest videos of people doing “the Quan” I’m also trying to find out where Habitat for Humanity is building next and becoming a foster family. Just my small way of “paying it forward”.


It’s about 7 when we pull up alongside of a road cut that I’ve been eyeing for the last few weeks. I had conscripted my conspirator in the dastardly deed into collecting some rock samples this Saturday morn. We, or should I say he, grabbed  about 20 good sized rocks and we scurried home. It’s hot  and sticky and here I am bent over with a hammer and a makeshift chisel splitting rocks searching for fossils. So far not one, I was just about to give up. I picked up my last rock, carefully looking for seams. I placed my screwdriver along the seam and stuck the head hard enough to separate but not cause it to crumble. The rock split perfectly. No fossils, but instead the gray stones interior revealed an unexpected iron oxide deposits with dendrites that reminded me of those beautiful sonoran desert scenes.  Instant nerdgasm.

If you know what a road cut is, you, my friend, are a nerd.
 Do you have a budding nerd in your circle of influence? Is there some special ability or talent that you can cultivate and pass on to the next generation? Start with something simple.
When my kids were very young, we would ride up to one of our favorite spots, Greasy Creek, and collect everything from rocks, crayfish, newts, fish, you name it. From there it blossomed to “speriments” in jars in the bathroom,  model rockets, building telescopes, electric cars, flying cars and on and on. Every summer I’d buy workbooks and paperback classical novels, and some new “speriment” to try. We weren’t rich, just average, so back then at least  a fancy  pair of sneakers and cable bill could pay for a lesson or two and even a summer’s  project.
Though I’m no numismatist, geologist,  nor ornithologist I enjoy sharing these light hobbies with my budding grand nerds.
15 - 1hair pins 025ladybug hair

Little things

Once I started sharing here, I have felt pressured to do things that I wouldn’t normally do – I wear makeup more often, style my hair, take pictures, little things, thinking, maybe I could get a good picture for the blog. Often I don’t, lol, but something in me has changed a bit, for the better. It makes you feel better when you take care of yourself, even if it’s only once or twice a week that you spend a little extra time to go for a walk, or braid your hair, or try a new dress. I have some great shots of the boys and really candid moments of myself, that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m usually the one behind the camera in my house, so there isn’t much of a record of my style, my expressions, my growth.

interlocking hair style nappylocs updo
So thank you for inspiring me to be better.
Dreadlock Updo

Happy Father’s Day!

I promise I’ll keep it short. Check out our new vid!

The companion dvd has been totally redone and the book is a soft bound 100 glossy pages of locs done by us and fellow DIYers. If you have any questions after purchasing the system, we are here to guide you.
I hope you are enjoying your Father’s Day. Please Pray for the families in Charleston and a healing for our nation.
More quick  15 minute or less hairstyles coming soon!

Get out there

A couple years after I graduated, I started to feel a little lost. The job I had always wanted wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped. After working so hard through school, I felt like I had arrived and the destination was… underwhelming.

So I made a list. What was it, that I wanted to say I had done by the time I turned 30. While a couple of those things that were important at the moment had fallen by the wayside, I had done all but 2 items with 10 months to go. One thing I wanted to do was to have a sport. I feel I can be more physically active if I have a goal (other than looking hot) to work for, or be part of a team. That’s really why I joined some ladies from church to do the Dirty Girl.
Before the Mud Run
And it was AWESOME. I already can’t wait to do it again next year, and I’m signed up to do another mud run in a couple weeks. I hate running, but I love mud, and sweat. I wasn’t sure I could do it (3 miles isn’t that hard though) and I was afraid I’d be left behind in the mud by myself, but my team was there with me.MudRun
Mud Run
I dare you all to make a list, and get out there.

Quick updates new vid!

This has been such a crazy week, so many new and exciting things on the horizon. I woke up this morning feeling more alive than I’ve been feeling for days, so as I rolled over and grabbed my phone to see today’s tidbits , I was so excited to see today’s message was “starting over,” a new refreshing, a new chance! I’ve been getting lots of feedback from you guys, please know that we are listening, we hear ya! 15 - 1

pompadour, french rolled braided crown

pompadour, french rolled braided crown

First I have received so many request from people who are looking for Nappylocs™ services or help with their installs, or professionals wanting to offer their services. We do plan to offer a gallery of some sorts. Just send us an email with your contact info.

We will soon be offering the updated book and totally redone video in our store. As promised most of the hairstyles featured on the blog are 15 minutes or less updos. There is more ahead. Here is our latest project. Can you tell were are having fun around here?