Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Mo’ Hair Gro’ Hair

Mo’ Hair Gro’ Hair
From our founder:

This morning my mind wandered a bit…

I was sitting in the back of a small car as we, with our faces plastered against the windows, drove through town. I probably looked like a small town country girl on her first visit to the big city. Normally I lead a very quiet life typical of many SAHM’s of that time. Anyway, our cab had come to a stop  and a group of locals lead by a very pregnant, skin glistening with oil, young woman followed the very noisy and joyous celebration of family and friends of the impending new birth.  Our driver in a very thick french accent talked a little about this local custom. That was Abijan, Côte d’Ivoire.
West Africa
West Africa
Then I drifted back to memories like many of you, sitting on the floor and feeling the cool touch of the hair grease and the warmth of my mom’s fingers as she lined my parts. It felt sooo good; right before styling the inevitable scalp massage would follow. First along the temples, the kitchen and eventually the crown. Moms would always end these rituals with a blessing “mo’ hair, gro’ hair and indeed it did.
Interlocked hair before moisturizing
Hair before moisturizing
So this morning while looking in the mirror and reaching for my herbal growth that particular time, it reminded me, some of us (and I’ve been guilty too) don’t take the time out to oil and massage that scalp once locked. Before locked I brushed and combed which essentially stimulated my scalp daily. Not only does it feel good, it helps blood flow to those hair follicles and as well as spreads oils along the shaft.
Moisturized Dreadlocks
Moisturized Nappylocs

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