For the Locs We’ve Lost

It inevitably happens to all of us. One of our precious locs is removed all too soon. We have heard the stories. One breaks off while twisting. Another breaks off while pulling on a seat belt.

Long Lost Locs

Long Lost Locs

Once, I had to give one up for a drug test to start work… For a moment I had to think about whether I wanted that job. For weeks after I touched that spot gingerly with a twinge of sadness in my heart.

It’s especially difficult as they get longer, and you have put so much time in it. Right now I am battling the dreaded “shredding” which happens when you neglect to moisturize the ends.


So be sure to moisturize. Don’t over- twist, or better yet try interlocking. And let’s pour a little (hair oil)¬†out for the locs we’ve lost.


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