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Negro, colored, Black, kinky, nappy, curly or coily

Negro, colored, Black, kinky, nappy, curly or coily

There I was sitting at my mom’s kitchen table going through some of my dad’s old coins and tokens. The metallic discs were spread out on a crisp white laminate table with a sea-foam green boomerang design. Dad had amassed quite a collection of coins […]

Mink, boots, and a snow shovel

Mink, boots, and a snow shovel

Hey. I know I’ve been missing in action  for some months now. I’ve had plenty of life changes and challenges in the last few months,  the most  notable being my dad’s passing. I was privileged to be there when he transitioned on and I thank […]

For the Locs We’ve Lost

For the Locs We’ve Lost

It inevitably happens to all of us. One of our precious locs is removed all too soon. We have heard the stories. One breaks off while twisting. Another breaks off while pulling on a seat belt.

Long Lost Locs
Long Lost Locs

Once, I had to give one up for a drug test to start work… For a moment I had to think about whether I wanted that job. For weeks after I touched that spot gingerly with a twinge of sadness in my heart.

It’s especially difficult as they get longer, and you have put so much time in it. Right now I am battling the dreaded “shredding” which happens when you neglect to moisturize the ends.


So be sure to moisturize. Don’t over- twist, or better yet try interlocking. And let’s pour a little (hair oil) out for the locs we’ve lost.



Yesterday I sat down with a new fashion magazine and I was reminded of when I was a little girl flipping through my mom’s copies of Essence. On occasion when her stack got too thick, my mom would bring home a couple poster boards and my […]

A Bit of My Legacy

Some of you guys live in the most wonderful places. I remember as a kid being fascinated by elves, dwarves and fairies in the enchanted forest. You know the familiar story lines of little girls and boys taking a passage through the woods to get […]

Paying it Forward

One day while checking my facebook (which I know I do more than I should) I noticed a post about the latest twitter war between rappers. So I had to google it. For the next 20 -30 minutes I read about the major players, their history, what lead to the dispute, other people connected to both of them, and response from every other blogger and journalist that had an opinion on the quality and tenor on the resulting diss tracks. Then I happily shared that information with my husband who nodded politely while going on with his day. At that moment I felt convicted. I know, being and adult means you can have an opinion on the latest “it” bag and civil rights. I think most will agree that anyone with very strong convictions, and no knowledge of pop culture is a bit extreme.

But today articles came up on my phone about the lack of teachers, and an abundance of abandoned homes in my city, and the first of a long season of presidential debates. So in addition to clicking on the latest videos of people doing “the Quan” I’m also trying to find out where Habitat for Humanity is building next and becoming a foster family. Just my small way of “paying it forward”.
Be You

Be You

There it stood in front of me, one of my favorite trees in our back yard. It was summer and this particular morning I had on my obligatory denim cut off jean and my brand new red gingham blouse. I loved that tree back then; […]

On My Soap Box

There is nothing like driving a stick or manual for some of you. I get an absolute rush listening to that engine rev up as your body becomes one; manipulating that metal beast with four wheels. Then the deep guttural noises and at that perfect […]

My Kili Trip

We set up the blog to provide tips about what we do with our hair and our products but it can become quite boring for you to read and for us to write if that’s all we discuss. So please bear with us as we attempt to move beyond the hairstyle and encourage you as well as ourselves to embrace our natural beauty while enjoying life. A member of our family recently had the chance to go to Mount Kilimanjaro, and this is what he told us about it.
Hike in Washington State
Hike in Washington State

They said that the best way to prepare for Kili was for me to go hiking; pack my backpack full, strap on my boots and hit the trail. I tried to go somewhere new every weekend, but a hard bike ride or a long run were good substitutes when I didn’t have much time.

There were 11 of us in total; most of us were a few years out of college, but there was a couple in their 50s, often times leading the charge up the mountain.  We took lots of breaks to snack on some clif bars, drink water and bust out the jolly ranchers if things got really rough.
During the breaks, some of the porters would try and talk to me in Swahili. I smiled and shook my head, in which they often replied “You speak English? Ahhh Rasta! Peace and love man”.
 We were walking excruciatingly slow and I was still out of breath, it was extremely cold at night, and I had altitude headaches most evenings. But the biggest hurdle was on summit day, after walking for several hours I realized still had miles and miles to go. The peak still looked like a tiny speck in the distance. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (and possibly ever will do), but the view of the sunrise at the top, and finally reaching the sign at the roof of Africa made it all worth it.