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There is nothing like driving a stick or manual for some of you. I get an absolute rush listening to that engine rev up as your body becomes one; manipulating that metal beast with four wheels. Then the deep guttural noises and at that perfect moment your ear tunes and your foot releases the clutch.

Nappylocs driving

So what does driving a stick have to do with hair? Well dagnabbit I will tell you. Here is my rant. This particular day I was driving my son’s hoopty, which is  so much fun to drive. Well this day, the sun is shinning, I’m wearing my favorite pair of old ray bans when I came to a stop.

Enjoying a summer drive

I noticed a young girl late teens with a crochet weave in her hair.  I love natural hair and I don’t judge weaves or wigs, they do have their place. But I felt a little upset because this tweeny bopper had a 1 inch wide part in her head.  Dang! It shouldn’t look like it hurts and young people especially should not have one inch wide parts. There are numerous people on YouTube demonstrating all types of techniques (braids/locs/weaves), from novices to professionals. BUYER BE WARE. I am seriously seeing techniques that could lead to long term damage to those hair follicles.

If you purchase the Making Dreadlocks kit and decide to let someone else do your hair, you have the knowledge to at least understand what to expect. We also communicate with you after you’ve purchased the kit.  I can’t  tell you the number of times on YouTube where it is obvious the natural hair specialist never consulted with their client before the session. It’s as though the same practices that were criticized about relaxed hair services were simply transferred to the natural hair client.  Only natural products should be used on natural hair. Why? Natural products are both effective and gentle. When used properly there is no build up. 

Natural hair is supposed to give you freedom.  Get a consultation, get some test locs,

test nappylocs

look at their shop or space, are their tools sterile, is their work  station sanitize, do they wash their hands between clients, and look at the ingredients label of items used on your hair. Do you really want to listen to gossip, poor tv choices, bootleg videos, drugs, and alternative religion while you are getting your hair done?

As the consumer it is your responsibility to ask and know what are they putting in and doing to your hair (as well as your brain.) This is an investment. These little kinky coils that we so lovingly cultivate are big business…and I’m not just referring to your  local hair dresser/barber. The big players have entered this arena. As I observe what’s going on I truly hope this natural hair revolution sticks and is for real, that this new crew understands and embraces our own unique beauty. I don’t know guys. It’s hard. Off my soap box ….

nappylocs long

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