Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Wish me luck!

Wish me luck!

The one question that I see most often on message boards and Facebook groups is whether locs and being active go together. Especially in the summer,  you’re out there running, swimming, playing tennis, you want to wash your hair after a good workout….you know…. get on with life. Nappylocs absolutely works for me.

Back in highschool and college I was on the track team, so after sweating and walking around campus all day, I would head over to practice. I was a thrower, and I loved it! Believe it or not I still hold several records in the shot put and the discus throw. It was during my first season doing the weight throw, I earned the nickname Hercu-lisa.
Well after three kids, my core is no where near as tight as it once was. This fall will be the first season, in what feels like a long time, that I can buy clothes without worrying about whether or not I can nurse in it, or if it will fit a month later. So in celebration, I am getting back out there. I decided to do the Dirty Girl Mud Run in a few weeks, and to prepare, I’m lifting weights again, dusting off my Zumba DVD’s, and jogging a little bit. And it feels good. Really good. You know that ache you get on the day after you lift  heavy, and every stretch feels like magic? I missed that.
Nappylocs style loc style dreadlock style
Wish me luck!

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