Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Little things

Little things

Once I started sharing here, I have felt pressured to do things that I wouldn’t normally do – I wear makeup more often, style my hair, take pictures, little things, thinking, maybe I could get a good picture for the blog. Often I don’t, lol, but something in me has changed a bit, for the better. It makes you feel better when you take care of yourself, even if it’s only once or twice a week that you spend a little extra time to go for a walk, or braid your hair, or try a new dress. I have some great shots of the boys and really candid moments of myself, that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m usually the one behind the camera in my house, so there isn’t much of a record of my style, my expressions, my growth.

interlocking hair style nappylocs updo
So thank you for inspiring me to be better.
Dreadlock Updo

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