Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool


Healthy Air

I know you have all seen the articles encouraging us to share our space with house plants. Those stories typically stay by listing all the reasons for poor air quality and resulting health hazards then recommends one large plant per room.  The first thing I […]

Happy Father’s Day!

I promise I’ll keep it short. Check out our new vid! The companion dvd has been totally redone and the book is a soft bound 100 glossy pages of locs done by us and fellow DIYers. If you have any questions after purchasing the system, we […]

For the Fathers

For the last six weeks like many of you I’ve been riveted as we watch our nation go through this season of growing pains. I don’t know about you but for me everything is off, I’m behind in my gardening, I missed my Mothers Day […]

Be You

Be You

There it stood in front of me, one of my favorite trees in our back yard. It was summer and this particular morning I had on my obligatory denim cut off jean and my brand new red gingham blouse. I loved that tree back then; […]

On My Soap Box

There is nothing like driving a stick or manual for some of you. I get an absolute rush listening to that engine rev up as your body becomes one; manipulating that metal beast with four wheels. Then the deep guttural noises and at that perfect […]

Mo’ Hair Gro’ Hair

Mo’ Hair Gro’ Hair

From our founder: This morning my mind wandered a bit… I was sitting in the back of a small car as we, with our faces plastered against the windows, drove through town. I probably looked like a small town country girl on her first visit […]

You Choose

Here at Nappylocs, we feel that being able to do your own hair is freedom. I can retighten my hair whenever and wherever I feel like it. I also don’t have to budget to go and get my hair done. So we started thinking, what […]

Why did we start this business?

I wore natural hair off and on for years. In the fifth or six grade I wanted to wear my hair like Angela Davis. But every Saturday, all day, my mom would take me to see Daisy who would press the fart out of my […]