Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool

Why did we start this business?

I wore natural hair off and on for years. In the fifth or six grade I wanted to wear my hair like Angela Davis. But every Saturday, all day, my mom would take me to see Daisy who would press the fart out of my hair. I would always leave her shop with a tender scalp. Then during the week, I would sweat it out playing kickball or running only to have to go back to see Daisy on Saturday.


unnamed (3)

Angela Davis emphasized being aware of your own beauty and I was crazy about it. The last time I got it pressed, I turned around and washed it out and tried to wear an Afro. My mom was mad, but she let me try a new style.



That afternoon we went to the barbershop and had all the damaged hair cut off. Ray was so scared to cut my hair, but not long after that my mom was rocking her own TWA. When I had my daughter I wanted her to know that her hair and features were beautiful, and I wanted her to go out and play without worrying about ruining her hair. I also wanted to pass on the tradition of natural hair. And that’s how Nappylocs started.

mom and nel black n white

My Mom and Daughter with their natural Hair

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